Seduction Wolf

Seduction Wolf

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About Me

The Wolf

Seduction Mentality

Step Up Your Style

Lounges, Clubs, and Bars

How to Approach Women

Body Language, Tone, Eye Contact

How to Talk to Women

How to Get Her Number

Smooth Seduction

First Date

After the First Date

How to Pleasure Her

How to Act in the Third Phase



You should pat yourself on the back for taking the step to purchase this book. That was 50% of the battle. Most guys are too fearful of taking such a step because they think that they do not need any help when it comes to women, and certainly not from a book.

Those will also be the same guys who will stand in the corners wishing that they could have the courage to talk to the most beautiful women.

But not you.

You will learn Super Powerful techniques that WORK when it comes to picking up the hottest of the hot. The 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s.

These are some of the things that you will learn:

  • How to dress correctly
  • How to smell spectacular
  • How to have women approach you
  • How to start and carry a conversation
  • Cocky and Funny to get you in
  • How to correctly get a woman’s phone number
  • What to do on a first date
  • Where to take her on your first date
  • How to make out with her correctly
  • How to have sex with her and pleasure her correctly
  • How to seduce her mentally via Smooth Seduction
  • And much more!

This is hands-down the BEST How to Pick up Beautiful Women book on the Market!

Are you excited??

I am!!!

Let’s start…


About Me

My name is Nicholas Diamond.

In the field, I am “The Wolf”.

I was not always “The Wolf”. I use to be a shy boy who barely could spark up a conversation with fellow classmates; let alone a female. I was not comfortable carrying a long conversation with anyone because I simply did not know what to say.

In high school, there was a girl in my class who I began talking to on a daily basis, but she got bored soon because I kept talking about the same thing. As a matter of fact, this happened to multiple girls that I tried to talk with. For example, this one girl and I use to talk about our math teacher every day. One day, she simply said, “Is there anything else you talk about?” And that was the end of that. I guess the answer to her question was, “No.”

Another girl, same thing; but in a different class. She got tired of me talking about homework, and started to talk with the cool kids in our grade instead of wasting her time with me. I cannot blame her. I mean, who wants to talk about homework each day? Especially not in high school where girls are trying to hang out with the coolest guys, and not some homework-studying nerd.

The thing was that I was not really even a nerd. I simply did not know what to talk about. I did not think that I could honestly carry a conversation. I mean, what could I possibly talk about? The weather? Birds? How about the cafeteria food? I sure was not going to talk about any upcoming dances; just in case that a girl said, “Yes” to me. Speaking of, one time in the cafeteria, I was talking to this other guy; who I was not even friends with, but I told him how I liked this one girl, and may ask her to the prom. Guess what? The girl actually sat down with us because she was friends with one of the guy’s girlfriends. So he looked at her and back at me, and said, “Go ahead and ask her.”

So I was put on the spot, and I could not come off as a sissy bitch, so I had to man up. I looked at the girl for a long time; awkward, and said, “Hey want to go to prom?” And she said, “No.” So then I got pissed off that she had replied negatively in front of those other kids at lunch. Talk about awkward. It was sad, real sad. So I told the guy that I was going to ask the hottest girl in school to go to prom with me instead, and he just laughed.

The hottest girl in school was this girl who was a year older than I was; maybe two. I was a sophomore and she was a senior, so what did I have to lose? At worst, she’d say no. Well, the thing was that this girl was super-hot, so if she said, “No”, I’d be heart-broken. Guess what? I did not ask her to prom, but I did have a conversation with her many years later about it. I told her how I wanted to ask her to the prom because she was hot, and she asked me why I hadn’t? And I told her it was because she was too hot. Lame.

So did I find a date to the prom? No. I did not go, and simply reassured myself that it was for the best because I had to save some money. I mean proms are lame, who wants to go right? Well, that is what I kept telling myself.

People told me that when I got to college things would start to get better. Truth of the matter is that things stayed the same; okay, maybe a little bit better, but that is because I started lying; a lot. In college, I promised myself that things would go differently, so I started to lie about everything. For example, I would tell girls that I use to be a professional boxer, even though I had a body of a twelve year old kid. Or I would tell girls that I was an image consultant; when my style looked like it had hopped on the lame train a few times too many. Or I’d even tell girls that I was super rich, and that I simply did not have time to hang out with them because I had to spend money doing other things.

Things started to go a little bit better with the lies I was telling until a few guys in the dorm started to call me out. For example, one guy had a friend visiting from his town that also was a boxer and wanted to fight me. Of course, I had to make up an excuse about how I could not fight that night because I had other priorities to take care of. Girls also started to call me out by asking me why I never hang out with any if I was supposedly such a rich mack daddy. There were too many questions, and things started to go down the drain as usual.

I did have a dozen girls who approached me freshman year in college who were intrigued by my lies. They simply wanted to hang out with the boxing, image-consultant, who was rolling in dough player. However because I was a virgin, I simply chickened out when they wanted to hook up with me. I would make all sorts of excuses from I was sick to I had to go meet somebody to do something. If I had stood my ground, I could have probably hooked up with a dozen girls; easily.

You see I could tell many lies; however, if I lacked the confidence, nothing mattered. What’s the point of all the lies when you cannot even back them up when a girl wants to get into bed with you? Exactly. I had not thought that far ahead. As a matter of fact, I got so use to lying that it eventually ruined a relationship that I had gotten into with a girl at college. She pretty much found out I was a huge liar, and it increased the difficulty of trust, which is important in relationships.

So after striking out with many girls for being a liar, and not being able to back up my lies, I got depressed. I simply decided that I was not going to talk to any more girls or even lie. So I took some time off from talking with girls or even trying to pick them up. This went on for a few years until I simply got bored, and decided to get back into the game. This time I was going to use a different approach. I was going to be “The Wolf”.

The Wolf

Who is The Wolf?

The Wolf is the manly man who other guys get jealous of.

He is the manly man that girls want.

He is THE MAN who attracts the HOTTEST girls at the lounges, bars, clubs, and much more.

The characteristics of the Wolf are:

  • Confidence
  • Sex Appeal
  • Social Status
  • Financial Status
  • Personality
  • Trust
  • Humor
  • Body Shape
  • Health

The Wolf is not afraid to walk up to the hottest women and do or say what he wants. He is confident.

Confidence means that in a split-second, you are able to fully approach the hottest woman at the club, get her number, make out with her, and take her home if you want.

Sex Appeal means that you are desired by other women. How do you do this?

Simple, you follow the steps, tips, and techniques written in this Powerful book to make it happen. Women like it when you are with other hot women. Think about it for a minute.

There are literally hundreds of guys at the club; some better than others in certain aspects, such as financial, social, and clothing styles.

Do you think if there were two guys with the same level of everything that the woman would be more attracted to the one standing in a corner with a drink, or to the one who is conversing with two other hot women, such as herself?

Women do not want losers.

If she is hot, which is why these Powerful techniques work, she wants to date the manly man.

She wants to date The Wolf.

Social status means that the woman does not want to waste her time with a guy who is not friendly or not able to easily converse with other people. She does not want to date an anti-social man.

If you want to date hot women, you will need to make some changes.

For example, if you were afraid to talk to hot women, guess what? You have to grow a pair and get over that fear.

You have to be able to talk to everyone.

One way to overcome such fear is to work at a retail store, such as a sales associate at a popular clothing store.

Doing this will ensure that you get out of your comfort zone, so that you can easily speak with everyone.

This is very important.

If you can’t talk, you are not going to get that super-hot woman.

You need to get over your approach anxiety, and I will show you how.

Financial status means that you are or look like you are earning a decent income.

If you currently work at a minimum wage job, guess what?

You need to setup some goals for yourself to increase your financial income.

If this requires that you go and get a college degree, then so be it.

If this requires that you leave your current job for a better opportunity, then so be it.

Gentlemen, listen to what I am saying:

If you want to date HOT women, you HAVE to make some changes.

The change does not have to be overnight, but it has to take place.

HOT women do NOT want a couch potato or a man who earns a minimum wage income with no goals.

It is okay if you are earning a minimum wage, but you NEED to have goals to improve and better yourself.

You have to be consistent.

Every six months, you have to be in a better place than where you were the previous six months.

If you are not improving yourself in each and every aspect of your life, then you are stagnant.

This means that you are making no improvements or changes.

Simply put, you are staying in the same place whereas the rest of the world is moving by you.

This type of lifestyle is not only depressing, makes you a loser, but also a waste of your time.

It will NOT help you with picking up or dating a super-hot girl.

You can forget that super-hot girlfriend who you always wanted to date.

If you want to change your life, then you need to start implementing the changes that I am suggesting.

Dating beautiful women takes practice, time, and it is a lifestyle of its own.

You can be yourself, but the BEST yourself that you can be.

Think about that for a minute.

By the way, you should know by now that I do not sugar-coat what I say because sometimes a person needs a reality check.

Those of us who make improvements and changes will succeed in the long-run.

Personality is one of the most important factors on whether or not you can or will date hot women.

Many women do not like a guy who is an empty suit.

If you do not read the news, stay up-to-date with current fashion trends, or learn and study other cultures, you need to start doing so.

You need to improve yourself constantly, which includes your financial, social, and intellectual status.

If you think that you are clueless about other cultures, pick up a book and start reading more about them. Some good books are the “x for dummies” series; example, “Economics for Dummies”.

The more information that you acquire for yourself, the better off you will be because you will stand out from the rest of the guys.

Of course, right off the bat, you will not be discussing the cultural arts of the Chilean villagers located in South America, but knowledge is a handy tool to have for the next phases of your game.

If all you can talk about is sports and television, you will not date beautiful women.

The Wolf does not mess around. He knows and studies what he needs, so that he can better himself in the playing field.

Trust is very important.

If a woman does not feel safe or trust you, she will not go home with you.

This means that you need to stop being a creep.

Have you ever seen a hot girl at a lounge?

There are many guys just standing there with drinks in their hands imagining what they will do to her if given the chance.

She senses these guys because they give off a creep factor.

You need to stay away from the creep factor, and you also need to avoid other creeps at the hot spots where beautiful women hang around.

So how do you avoid the creep factor?

Dress to impress, do not eye a woman too much, stop staring at her body, do not stand in a corner by yourself, and do not act desperate.

Humor is key.

If you lack humor, you will not get far with a beautiful woman.

Almost 9 out of 10 beautiful women want a funny guy.

Now do not mistake humor with a court-jester.

She has to laugh with you, not at you.

Big difference.

You think that it sounds simple, and it is, once you practice it a few times.

The humor that The Wolf conveys is cocky funny.

Here are a few examples,

Example 1: Cocky Funny

The Wolf: How about you buy my Corona, and I think of getting the next one.

Her: Okay, I will buy the Corona this round.

The Wolf: Lookey here, we got ourselves a baller. You must be making millions to spend money just like that.

Example 2: Cocky Funny

The Wolf: So what are you like 22? (*she looks much older)

Her: Oh, you are so sweet. No, I am 34.

The Wolf: Damn, you must be drinking from that fountain of youth, but I’m not too sure about those boots girl, where they come from? The trenches of hitchhikers in the Himalayas?

Example 3: Cocky Funny

Her: I like to rollerblade, but I am not that good at it. However, I am pretty good at shopping.

The Wolf: Really? Girl, that skill is as useful as rubber lips on a woodpecker.

Example 4: Cocky Funny

Her: I work at bright steps and amused chick.

The Wolf: You work at biceps and music?

Her: lol no, I said bright steps and amused chick.

The Wolf: Oh okay, triceps and q-tips.

Example 5: Cocky Funny

Her: The lottery was at $500 million last week, that’s crazy.

The Wolf: Yeah, it was a shame too because I was only 6 numbers off. (*6 numbers is the total numbers allowed on a ticket)

Body shape is a minor factor when it comes to picking up and dating beautiful women, but it is still important.

This means that you should workout at the gym or at home.

If you are not working out, you will not only lack the health benefits that come with a training program, but also the sex appeal, confidence, and the attractive look that comes with staying fit.

So if you are a couch potato, get off your ass and hit the gym.

It will make you feel much better when it comes to picking up beautiful women.

I know this because I use to be very self-conscious and skinny.

Other more muscular guys use to push me out of the way to talk with the beautiful women. At that time, I did not stand a chance.

So I started hitting the gym a few days a week, and started to build some muscle.

Now you do not need to be a meathead or super-jacked to pick up beautiful women, but you do need to be fit.

Stylish clothing is for fit people.

You do not want to see a 300 lbs. woman, showing cleavage, and wearing the newest fashion trend.

The same goes for guys.

A beautiful woman does not want to see baggy clothing on a skinny guy, or a wigger look on a chubby white guy.

If you do not want to go to the gym, buy the p90x or insanity programs, so that you can work out at home, but you NEED to do something.

Stay fit, dress to impress, and cut the shit.

Your health is important to both yourself and the beautiful woman that may decide to get in a relationship with you.

Stay away from smoking cigarettes or puffing that ganja.

These will make your skin yellow and unhealthy.

Remember when I am talking about beautiful, I am referring to super hot women like Carmen Electra.

The techniques that I will show you DO work, but ONLY on SUPER HOT women, such as the one above.

So if you want to continue down a path to loser-ville, then go right ahead.

But if you want to date SUPER HOT women, follow the advice and techniques that I provide.

The Wolf Summary:

As you can see, to become The Wolf you need to have the whole package. It’s not just about having game or saying the right things; you need to become the best version of yourself. Luckily, everything mentioned are all things that you CAN change. They are not part of your genetics, so no one has any excuses. I will walk you through all the needed steps so you can become The Wolf.

In the next chapter, you will learn how to develop a seduction mentality. If you are operating at a confident level mentally, nothing will stop you from achieving success.

Seduction Mentality

Your mindset is the most important factor when it comes to picking up or dating a beautiful woman.

If you think like a loser, you will get poor results.

But do not get it mixed up.

You do not want to be an arrogant loser either.

You have to care, but not that much.

Think about that for a minute.

If the woman that you are looking at in the club has a nice tanned skin, wearing a sexy yet classy dress, and has beautiful green eyes, you have to remember one thing:

Care, but not that much.

Yeah, she may be the most beautiful woman that you have ever seen, but so what?

There are 3,500,000,000 women on this planet.

If 1 out of every 100 women is just as beautiful as her, this means that there are 35 million women in the world with similar looks and styles.

And you are acting desperate?

If you were to hit on 50 beautiful women per day, after 10 years, you would have only talked to a total of 180,000 women.

180,000 beautiful women is still only .5% of the 35 million women out there who are your type!

What I am trying to say is this:

DO NOT act desperate.

Care, but NOT that much.

Yeah she is hot, but so are tens of millions of others.

You have to picture the hot woman as a 300 lbs. 4’2 zit-faced girl, so that this way you realize she is not that special. Thinking like this will help you overcome approach anxiety.

Beautiful women sense desperation and they will avoid you at all costs.

So do not fall victim to desperation.

Be a man.

This is The Wolf’s mentality.

The Wolf walks into a club with a smile on his face, says hi to every person that he sees, and looks around as he walks to the bathroom.

The reason he walks into the bathroom is because it gives him an opportunity to browse the lounge, bar, or nightclub without standing around looking like a loser.

Also the bathroom provides you with the opportunity to check yourself out in the mirror to ensure that you are looking good.

In the bathroom, The Wolf will spray cologne once on his neck, then walks out to the area where the beautiful women are.

One thing that I do, which many guys do not do is this:

I put on cologne before going out, and also when I am about to either walk into the club, or when I am in the bathroom of the club.

Beautiful women want a man who smells good, so give them what they want.

Do not over-do it, and make sure that your cologne is very good.

A word of advice,

When you are selecting cologne make sure that you ask the sales clerks which one would smell the best on a man in the area that you are thinking of going.

So I would say something, such as:

Excuse me, but I am looking for good smelling cologne, manly cologne, that I can wear at a lounge. What do you recommend that smells good on a man?

Women know women, so make sure that the sales clerk that you talk to is somewhat in your attractive range of beautiful women.

For example, I would not ask a 200 lbs. woman if she can help me select cologne. The reason is because she will recommend the one that she thinks is the best choice, but not for the types of women that you want to date.

Does this make sense?

Look, if you were to go and workout at the gym would you want advice from the guy who is doing 75 lbs. bicep curls or the 18 year old who can barely lift 5 lbs.?

The Wolf’s mentality in the lounge or club is this:

Care, but not that much.

So The Wolf would approach the hottest women in a very calm, confident, and smooth way, and the mentality is that he cares, but not that much.

If you think like this, you will avoid desperation.

You got to remember it is a numbers game.

Even I get rejected 1 out of every 10 times.

Most guys may get rejected 9 out of 10 times, or even 10 out of 10 times.

The main reason is because of their lack of style, mentality, hygiene, personality, and all the other factors that I have referred to and will talk about.

Here’s the reasoning for what I am saying,

On a typical day, a beautiful woman will get hit on anywhere from 5 to 50 times or more by guys.

Sure, in the beginning as she is growing up, this may be flattering.

At age 18, if she is hit on 5 times per day, it will mean that in 1 year, more than 1,500 guys would have hit on her.

By age 21, if she is hit on 10 times per day, it will mean that in 1 year, more than 3,500 guys would have hit on her.

So when you are in the lounge, and you want to talk to that beautiful girl, and you realize that she is 27 years old.

Remember this,

She has been hit on more than 25,000 times by guys!

You think that your silly pick up line will make her say, “Wow!”

Not at all.

She will be yawning in your face, and telling you to take a hike.

Also if 1 out of every 250 guys has “game”, this would mean that she has been specifically hit on by more than 100 guys who had “game” over a period of 9 years (from when she was 18 to 27).

So you really have to stand out.

The way you carry yourself and your body language is important.

This type of beautiful girl will have maximum game.

She will chew you up and spit you out in under 30 seconds.

She will know every pick up line in the book.

She will know every detail about a guy’s fashion.

She will know exactly what type of guy you are before you even talk to her.

If picking up or dating women were a video game, she would be the final boss.

Now every beautiful woman that you talk to will be the final boss in the video game.

So your game has to be top notch.

I am not trying to make you nervous, but you got to understand the dynamics of her mentality.

You are going for a beautiful woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it.

She will not have you buy her a drink, so that you can take her home with you.

She will not be easy, and she will not get drunk.

So if you really do not have game, it is over before it even begins.

Here is a quick mental game that you can do to improve your thought process:

Why do you want to date hot women?

Write down the top 15 reasons. Yes, you should do 15, and the reason for this is because it makes you think about the “why”.

Once you know what you want, you can go and get it.

Here’s another game that you can do to help improve your mentality:

Imagine that you have $100 million, and that you can literally buy anything that you want.

Now how would you act? What would you buy? How will you dress?

Go and actually Google the types of styles that you would buy, and the types of houses and cars that you would have.

Once you start to do this game a few times, you will start to think differently.

Now imagine that with all the stuff that you have bought, you walk into a lounge filled with beautiful women.

Are you going to walk over and kiss their ass?

Not at all.

You have $100 million, so who cares what the beautiful women think of you?

You will go home with $100 million regardless.

This should be your mentality.

Care, but not that much because at the end of the day, you are the man.

Seduction Mentality Summary:

Indeed, to win at the game you need to win it in your mind first. That’s why the first real lesson here is to start with the foundation of getting your mindset straight.  If your mind is in a sound position then the rest will follow. It all flows from the inside out.

  • Know that you are worthy of attracting beautiful women.
  • Be ready to make changes to improve yourself.
  • Do not put beautiful women on a pedestal.
  • Do not make excuses.

In the next chapter, you will learn how to improve your style so you can instantly captivate any woman’s interest. This chapter is VERY important, so pay attention.

Step Up Your Style

This chapter is going to be one of the most in-depth chapters that you will ever read for a dating book. I will cover all the elements needed for attracting, picking up, and dating the most beautiful women.

Make sure that you follow the steps down to the T.

Here is what will be covered:

  • Your House
  • Necessary Items
  • Colognes
  • Hairstyles
  • Clothes
  • Working Out
  • Body Hair

If you want to pick up hot women and bring them back to your place, you need to take care of something’s first.

Take out your trash.

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but guys forget to do it. No girl is going to get turned on if she comes back to your place, and it smells like take-out Chinese food from the night before. So make sure that you take out all of your trash.

Do your dishes.

Another obvious, not often done task.

Before you go out, make sure that your sink is empty, clean, and spotless. A girl will not feel comfortable if your place is dirty and unclean.

Make sure to have ice cream (both chocolate and vanilla) in the fridge and snacks, such as chips and crackers in your cabinets. Nothing will ruin a mood faster than an empty stomach at the end of the night when she is back at your place.

Remember when a girl comes back to your place, she is expecting it to be very good. After all, she is expecting you to be the man that could turn out to be her future boyfriend or husband.

No one really likes a messy person, so make your bed before you go out.

Your bed is the place where the girl is going to lay on if you get that far, so that is the last places you want to cock block you after all the hard work that you have put in.

Make sure that your sheets, pillows, and blankets are all washed.

Have a nice air freshener for each of your rooms.

Make sure that the bathroom smells good, have an air freshener in there as well.

Clean your bathroom, flush your toilet, and do whatever it takes for your house to be warm and cozy.

Also for your car, get an air freshener as well.

You want to be the man that stands out. Many guys do not do this, and that is one reason they are not successful when it comes down to it.

Being clean and neat is an important factor when picking up beautiful women.

The following are necessary items that you should have at all times:

  • Gum or Mints
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Chap stick
  • Condoms
  • Mini-colognes
  • Watch
  • Necklace or Bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Lighter

Make sure that you brush your teeth before you go out. You should be brushing your teeth three times each day. Use some teeth whitening products, such as Arm & Hammer Dental Care, Rembrandt toothpaste (the red box ONLY), or any other product. Make sure that you review the product first and read what others say about it because some work and others do not.

The reason that I recommend the Rembrandt red box ONLY is because the green one and the others have chemicals that hurt your mouth.

Another option for whitening your teeth are the whitening strips available at stores, such as Walgreens.

Speaking of teeth, if yours are crooked, get invisible braces. It is an important investment because it will build your confidence, and it will make beautiful women more attracted to you.

Make sure that you chew gum before you talk to beautiful women. The best gum to chew is the ones that also help with teeth whitening and have a minty flavor. As an alternative you can also have some strong breath mints in your pocket.

No one wants to speak to a person whose mouth smells like horse shit.

Of course, do not substitute gum for brushing your teeth. Both should be done. Brushing teeth first followed by gum chewing.

If you slack off and you wonder why you do not pick up beautiful women, you have your answer.

Use hand sanitizer and have a small one available. Women like clean hands, so if you go use a toilet, wash your hands.

Keeping up with correct hygiene is important. It is good for your health as well as hers.

It is good to have 2-3 tissues in your pocket at all times because you may need it for various reasons. If you do not have one, make sure that you get one. Last thing you want to do is sneeze on your sleeve and get mucous all over it.

It is good to be prepared, and once you start to do this, you’ll notice that your mentality changes because you are stepping up your game.

Chap sticks are important because no girl wants to kiss a guy with cracked lips. Always chap your lips, so that they look kissable. Think about it for a second, if a girl’s lips were as dry as an elephant’s nut sack, would you want to kiss her?

Chap your lips.

Condoms are needed.

This does not need an explanation, but for those that need one, here it is:

Be prepared for the situation if it arises where the girl wants to come back with you.

If you tell her that you do not have a condom, guess what? You just cock blocked yourself.

The best condoms to have are the ones that are safe and well known.

Stay away from sketchy condom brands.

Some good ones are Trojan and Skyn.

It really will come down to how you are in bed, which will be discussed in the upcoming chapters.

If your sex game is sub-poor, she is out of the door.


Mini-colognes are VERY important.

What is mini-cologne?

They are those small sample colognes handed out at stores.

Go and get a bunch of different ones, and test them out.

The best mini-colognes to have are the manly ones, such as L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent or Tom Ford. Beautiful girls like these types of smells.

You have to find the right one for you. Some other good cologne brands are the original Dolce and Gabbana, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Hugo Boss, Cool Water, Adidas Moves, Mont Blanc Legend, Nautica Voyage, Express Reserve, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, Vince Camuto, Tom Ford, Fierce by Abercrombie, Hollister California (Blue Bottle), and Burberry Brit.

My personal favorites are Express Reserve, L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry Brit, and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne.

You should have three colognes to alternate between. You do not want to always smell the same.

The reason that mini-cologne is recommended is because you can bring it into the club with you, so that you can spray yourself in the bathroom.

Whereas other guys’ colognes are wearing off, yours takes over. Apply 2 sprays: one to your wrist and rub it with your other wrist and the second spray to your neck, which you again rub with your wrists, followed by rubbing it on your chin and under the ears.

When a girl asks you “what is that cologne?”

You can reply, “I can’t tell you because then you tell the whole world, and we can’t have everyone smelling irresistible like me, now can we?”

This type of attitude is playful and fun. The woman will not only like the fact that you smell good, but also that you have a cocky and funny attitude.

The timing of the cologne spray is important.

Do not spray cologne right after you shower because it will wear off fast and it will not have a natural smell. You should put on the cologne right before you step into the club or in the bathroom of the club with the mini-cologne.

Make sense?

You want to stand out in every shape and form; in a good way.

Every man needs a watch.

My personal favorite is a two-tone gold and silver watch, such as Michael Kors and Fossil.

Other good watch brands are Breitling, Guess, and Swiss Army. You can wear a nice silver watch as well, but make sure that the watch is circular / square and has a black interior, so that it is noticeable. The watch has to be a bit loose, so that it slides on your hand, this makes it noticeable when you are telling a beautiful woman a story and moving your hands when describing a scene.

Here’s a Fossil watch that I wear when I want to look bad ass:

Stay away from Rolex even if you can afford it.

No one cares about Rolex, and if you are wearing the real thing, people will still think that it is not.

Remember, you have to stand out.

Having a watch is important.

It is an accessory that makes you a man.

No beautiful woman wants to see a guy pull out his phone to view the time, which is past lame.

It is also good to wear a necklace because it also helps to make you stand out.

Do not get cheap $2 necklaces because it will do more harm than good.

If you want to stand out, it must be done properly.

So if you buy a necklace, be ready to spend a few hundred or more dollars on it.

The best necklace to buy is gold because silver looks too cheap.

Also if you wear earrings, the same rule applies:

Do not go cheap.

However for earrings, you want to go small and silver.

The smaller the earring, the more expensive it will look.

On your right hand, you can also wear a nice chunky silver bracelet.

The guideline for a nice and chunky silver bracelet is this:

It has to be proportionate to your body weight, so that you do not look goofy. So do not get a bracelet that is too large or too small. Make sure that it fits and slides only a little bit on your arm when you are wearing it.

I would suggest that you either go with a necklace or a bracelet. I do not recommend wearing both because then you are trying to look too ghetto fabulous.


I do not care if you do not smoke; however, you DO need to have a nice lighter on you at all times when you are trying to pick up a chick. The reason is because some women do smoke, so you want to have a lighter readily available to light it for them. If they ask you why you do not smoke, say that you are trying to quit. By having a lighter available and lighting up her cigarette for her, you can engage her with a good conversation AND it will show that you are classy.

Do NOT be that guy who tries to lecture her about how smoking is not healthy and that she should quit. No one wants to hear that shit. You are not her father.


If your hair looks bad, you will look bad.

Go to your local barber who does fades and knows how to do line ups.

Avoid haircutter chains, which will do no good for you.

Your hair needs to say, “STYLE”, and you got to stand out in a good way.

When it comes to your hair, do not go crazy and make weird symbols, no one cares.

When you get a haircut, you should either go with the “High n Tight” style or a little bit longer, so that you can rock the 5 o’clock shadow.

Here’s what a “High n Tight” looks like:

Beautiful women like that look because it is clean, neat, and attractive. It helps with the rest of your outfit and style because it fits in.

However, if you were to rock a long and dirty hair look, girls will get turned off.

So you have to find the right hairstyle.

It will take some time and practice. It is a good reason to never go super short with a haircut in case it does look bad. This gives your hair only a short period of time before it grows back, so you can test out other looks.

Your haircut should be cut in such a way, so that you can get a new one each month.

Your haircut should cost $20 to $40 along with 20% tip, if you go to the right barbershop. Typically, the good ones are in the city. Do NOT go cheap when it comes to your hair.

Here are some pictures of the 5 o’clock shadow that beautiful women like:

Women like these types of facial hairs.

Of course, The Wolf looks sick when he is ready to go out (picture with sunglasses).

What you do with your hairstyle and facial hair has to be neat, trimmed, and clean. Do not look like a donkey’s asshole.


There are two types of styles that beautiful women like:

  • The Successful look for older men
  • The Bad Boy

Older men ages 30 and over should have a successful style, which is geared more toward dress shirts, dress pants, and dress shoes.

The Bad Boy should focus more on the style with the stylish jeans, shoes, etc.

The key is to stand out from the other men.

Most guys do not know how to dress.

They simply wear a t-shirt, some jeans, and running sneakers, and expect to pick up beautiful women.

Remember that women take hours to get ready, so that they can look like this at the club:

Now do you think a beautiful woman that took an hour to get ready will want to talk to a guy that dresses like this?

If a woman puts in the time to get ready, so will you.

You want to look your very best when you go out, so make sure that all of the tips that have been mentioned so far are implemented.

Now time to discuss clothes.

Stay away from brand clothing that shows off the label, such as Ecko, FUBU, Sean John, Izod, Chaps, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie, Hollister, etc.

It looks like you are showing off when you wear those, and it makes you blend in like everyone else.

Good clothes to wear to a club are Paul Smith, Armani, Billy Reid, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, 7 Diamonds, Vince, Jos A Bank, Jack Spade, Cavalli, Hugo Boss, etc.

You can also wear a nice black or a dark dress shirt with black dress pants and black dress shoes.

If you want, you can wear a tie, but it depends on the club scene or lounge that you are going to.

You want to dress to impress, but not in a bad way. Avoid striped shirts because it makes you look skinny or fat depending on your body size. There is no need for such clothes. Also make sure that your clothes are ironed because wearing wrinkly clothes will cock block you.

For example, if everyone is wearing a t-shirt at the bar, you will look bad if you are overdressed. However, that is no excuse not to follow the tips that I provide. It depends on the atmosphere of the bar, but you should always stand out in a good way.

For example, if it is an upper scale club, you may want to look like this:

When you order a drink, make sure that it is a mixed drink, so that it comes in a nice glass. This makes you look classy, and it is similar to what you will see women drinking as well, so it catches their attention. Do not mistake this with drinking like a girl.

Appearance is key.

Speaking of drinking, usually I limit myself to 3 drinks only for the whole night. So make sure that you pace yourself because the last thing you want is to get drunk and cock block your game. No woman is going to talk to you if you can’t even pronounce your words.

Also too much drinking can cause trouble with the club, police, and other people. So learn to control yourself.

Remember you are not out to drink, you are out to meet and pick up beautiful women.

If you want to drink and get drunk, buy a 24-pack of beer, and sit at home.

Other colors of clothing that you can wear are dark blue, dark brown, etc.

You do not want to stand out too much in a bad way because other guys will want to cock block you on purpose when they get jealous.

Your shoes should almost always be dress shoes and square toed, and make sure that you always wear a belt that matches your shoes’ color. You shoes should not have laces, so that they look classy.

Women will look at your shoes then your watch. Those two are the most important accessories.

Here are the rules to follow for clothing and style:

  • Dress pants with Black Square toed shoes (picture shown above).
  • If you wear jeans, good brands are True Religion Joey and Guess Falcons (stay away from the other ones like True Religion Billy, etc.).
  • Also if you wear jeans, you can wear brown or white square toed shoes. A good brand is Aldo.
  • Shoes should match the color of your belt.
  • Always wear black socks.
  • Do not wear a t-shirt under your dress shirt unless it is a black wife beater (looks pimp)
  • Leave the top three buttons of your dress shirt open at the top.
  • Do not tuck in your shirt unless it is a dress shirt that is meant to be tucked in.
  • Your shirt should fit correctly, so that when you sit down, it is a little tight (not too much).
  • Iron your clothes.
  • Roll up your sleeves.
  • The collars of your dress shirt should be big.

This is what The Wolf looks like:

I can pull off lighter colors, such as white, baby blue, lavender, peach, apple green, and even pink because I have mastered the tips and techniques. I would not suggest that you wear such colors until you are ready to do so. You need big balls for that.

Here are some of my favorite shirts; notice the styles. This means that the shirt is shiny and girls will want to touch you because their hands will slide right off. Simply put: It’s a fucking player’s dress shirt.

Your dress shirt should feel like silk when you touch it, or very close to it. Stay away from cheap shit because women can tell. Also make sure to always buy the clothes in person, so that you know they fit you well before you buy them. I stay away from online sellers.

Remember some of these things will take time to learn, but once you get it, you will be able to get ready within 10 minutes, and head out to pick up beautiful women.

You have to find the right clothing that fits your personality. You cannot simply wear exactly what others wear because they may not look good on you.

So finding the right style is important, you got to play around, but remember to wear dark colors in the beginning.

The doormen will not let you into some of the exclusive clubs if you stand out too much because they will get jealous that you are looking better than they do.

Once you get good at picking up beautiful women, you can show up to the exclusive clubs with a few gorgeous women by your arms, and get in without a hassle.

Remember to look good, feel good, and portray confidence.

During the day time, fall, or winter you can wear clothing, such as Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein t-shirts with a sports jacket over it.

A black dress shirt tucked out, sleeves rolled up, with a nice gray, silver, or cream sport jacket will look good for the fall or winter. You can wear a scarf if you want, but stay away from ear muffs and other odd looking clothing.

If you wear a leather jacket, make sure that it is real. Expect to spend $700 or more on it.

If you are going with the jeans look, you should wear black squared toed dress shoes, leather jacket, scarf, shirt, and black gloves. Or you can do the same but with brown square toed shoes purchased from Aldo.

Should you wear glasses or contacts? The answer is easy, look into the mirror.

You should be able to tell, which one makes you look better.

You want to either portray a successful or bad boy image, so choose wisely.

Your appearance and apparel are important, so make sure to find the right style that suits you.

If you are still having challenges finding the right look, send Pierre (image consultant) and I an e-mail and we will send you an invoice for our image consulting fee. This can be found toward the end of the book.

Working Out

If you do not want to go to the gym for whatever reason, make sure that you invest some money and time into programs, such as P90x and Insanity.

If you do not like to work out for whatever reason, go for a walk at least three times a week. The walk should be half an hour long. This will help you physically and mentally because you will get oxygen to your brain.

You should also spend some time correcting your posture and stretching each day. Posture is the way that you stand, sit, and walk, so make sure that you correct it to portray confidence. You should stretch your muscles for ten minutes each day. Each muscle should be stretched for ten seconds.

This will help to make your body more defined and fit because it will make the muscles have a more natural look and feel to them.

I do not care what your excuse is, you need to maintain your health because it is important both to you and to the beautiful women that you want to pick up.

This means that you find a good diet program, workout plan, and take vitamins.

It is good to take Whey Protein when you work out along with Opti-Men Tablets. Also purchase some Omega 3’s, such as Fish or Flaxseed Oil.

Also add blueberries and salmon to your diet because they will help you to look healthier with a clean skin.

When you feel good, you will portray that as well to others around you.

You do not have to be in super good shape or jacked to pick up beautiful women, but it is VERY important to work out.

Workout plans change you biologically and mentally, so that you start to attract beautiful women much easier, so do take the time to invest in this.

Trim your finger nails, no one wants to see that dirty shit under them.

If you want to GAIN WEIGHT QUICKLY, eat many carbs before you go to sleep, but do not overdo this because you do not want to put on too much fat. You should make sure that you work out, so this way you can put on a lot of weight quickly, but with muscle as well. If you eat a Chef Boyardee right before you sleep, 5 times per week, you will put on about 6-8 lbs each and every month. However, do remember that 90% of this will be fat unless you are hitting the gym and doing some cardio which I recommend. You should get your ass on the elliptical because this will help you to maintain a fit level physique fast.

If you want to LOSE WEIGHT QUICKLY, you should eat two or three toasted bread with cheese in the morning, a chicken Caesar salad for lunch with no dressing, blueberries and peaches for snack, and some salmon and chicken breast for dinner. Only drink water for your thirst needs and a scoop of Whey protein with water once a day. You can find all the protein that you need on Follow this diet plan for 7 days, and you should lose about 3 to 5 lbs. If you follow this diet, make sure that you are consistent. Do not get lazy. Make sure that you take the vitamins I recommended each day.

For acne or acne scars, you can purchase the Dark Spot Corrector Serum and Pore Refining Solutions (Pore Serum & Pore Corrector) available at stores, such as Macy’s. You use these products twice daily for up to 3 months.

You should also purchase an oil free moisturizer with a SPF 20 to block sun rays from damaging your skin. You use the oil free moisturizer with the SPF 20 once per day for as long as you want to have smooth skin. This will ensure that your skin is healthy, clean, and smooth.

If you have hair loss, skin, teeth, etc. problems that need to be taken care of and are lowering your confidence, go see a doctor. If something is bothering you, man-up and do something about it. A doctor can help you solve your problems.

There is no excuse to sit there and do nothing.

Body Hair

This may seem obvious, but many guys do not follow through.

Your chest hair as well as the rest of your body should be trimmed.

You should have little to no public hair because women do not like this.

Make sure that you invest some money into buying Gold Bond. This will ensure that your balls do not smell bad, which is important if you ever want to be with a beautiful woman in bed.

Women will leave if you smell bad because poor hygiene is a BIG turn off, so make sure that you smell good everywhere. This means that you should buy a good deodorant, such as Old Spice. If you have sweating problems, go to the women’s section and buy the best deodorant available that they offer.

Gentleman, the women’s hygiene and body odor market is a billion dollar industry whereas not even a fraction of that is spent on the men’s industry for the same market. The reason is because women are pickier than men, so the companies invest millions of dollars to develop VERY GOOD products for women.

If you have a uni-brow, get rid of it. Your eyebrows should be symmetric and well aligned, but not so much that it starts to look obvious that you spend too much time in front of the mirror. Remember, you want to be a man, not a chick.

Trim your nose, ear, and chest hair.

Personally I like to shave it all, so that when it does start to grow back, it looks natural.

Invest in some Norelco products, which are well known for a manly body grooming kit.

Remember it is all worth it, when you have a beautiful woman, such as this one with you back at your place:

Picking up beautiful women is a skill-set that many guys lack. So you need to stand out. Think about how many guys take the time to ensure that their body hair is trimmed? Barely any, which is why you would stand out as the guy who takes care of himself, and women do notice that, and like that.

If you are too pale and look like you need a tan, then get one.

Stay away from tanning salons unless you want to develop cancer.

One good way to get a natural looking tan within minutes is with Fake Bake Flawless.

You can look for sunless tanning products also known as self-tanners to find other options as well. Make sure that you read reviews before you purchase the product.

You should also drink 1 glass of carrot juice or beet juice twice per week to maintain a natural tan.

Also stay away from sun tanning pills, yes they do exist, and they are dangerous.

It will take some time to find the right products, but it is worth it when you do.

Step Up Your Style Summary:

Of course, before words even come out of your mouth, a girl has analyzed your whole look completely. Looks are a lot less important to women, but if you don’t look like you TAKE CARE of yourself then they will think you’re a slob. It is more about the effort of taking care of yourself than being better looking than the next guy. It’s not about being good looking, it’s about looking good. That’s what beautiful women are looking for; a guy who has his shit together. You need to have everything on point to become The Wolf.

  • Go shop around and be ready to spend some money.
  • Ask the cute girls who work at the stores to help you (you can also practice conversation as well). One of the best things to ask a cute girl who works at a clothing store is “I’m going on a date with a beautiful woman, and it is my first in a while; I know it is embarrassing. What do you recommend I wear? I want to be on point.”
  • Dress to Impress WHENEVER you are outside of your house. You never know when you may meet beautiful women.
  • Your sex appeal increases by two points by spiking your hair with gel. It shows that you take care of yourself.
  • Test a style in the field before you judge it.

In the next chapter, you will learn about the night scene and how to find the best establishments to visit to maximize your encounter with beautiful women. If you don’t know where the hot women are, you will not get with them.